1 noun
1 (C, U) a very thick sweet substance made from boiled fruit and sugar and eaten especially on bread; conserve: strawberry jam
2 (C) a situation in which it is difficult or impossible to move because there are so many people, things, cars etc close together: traffic jam: Sorry we're late. We got stuck in a traffic jam.
3 be in a jam informal to be in a difficult or uncomfortable situation
4 jams (plural) AmE brightly coloured trousers that stop above your knee
5 jam tomorrow BrE informal good things that you are promised if you are patient enough to wait for them
—see also: jam session 2 verb
1 PUSH HARD (T) to push something somewhere using a lot of force, or to push too many things into a small place: jam sth into/under/on: I'll never jam all my clothes into one suitcase. | be jammed (up) against sth (=pushed tightly against something)
2 MACHINE also jam up (I, T) if a lock or a moving part of a machine jams, or if you jam it, it no longer works properly because something is preventing it from moving: The front roller has jammed on the photocopier.
3 BLOCK also jam up (T) if a lot of people or vehicles jam a place, they block it so that it is difficult to move: Crowds jammed the entrance to the stadium.
— see also: jammed (2)
4 MUSIC (I) to play music informally with others without practising first
— see also: jam session
5 jam on the brakes to slow down a car suddenly by putting your foot down hard on the brake 1 (1)
6 jam the switchboard if telephone calls jam the switchboard, so many people are telephoning the same organization that its telephone system cannot work properly
7 RADIO (T) to deliberately prevent broadcasts or other electronic signals from being received by sending out noise on the same wavelength
8 sb is jamming AmE spoken used to say that someone is doing something well

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

, , / (boiled in mass), / (from a crowd), / , , , , (crowded together)

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